Ipe hardwood decking is a great choice for the Boston area. Ipe is one of the most durable decking products on the market having a 75+ year lifespan. It has a beautiful deep color, is fire resistant, insect resistant, and does not rot.

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Deck Restoration Process

We specialize in resurfacing decks that are still in good shape structurally. If you would like to get your deck restored but are unsure of the structural integrity of the deck just contact us HERE for a free deck evaluation.


Before the restoration process, the deck is thoroughly inspected for rotted or cracked trim, railings, and deck boards. The framing underneath the deck is also inspected and must be in good shape before replacing the deck boards and railings.


We are big fans of hardwood decking because of it's beauty and durability. A deck restored with hardwood will last a lifetime.

Check out our featured deck restoration projects in the Greater Boston area.

The Bloomfield Rd. deck was originally built with cedar decking and pine trim. 


The deck was in rough shape with rotted boards and railings that didn't come up to code. The Framing under the deck was still structurally sound since pressure treated lumber and good framing had been used. We restored this deck by removing all the surface materials and replacing the deck boards with the highly durable Ipe hardwood decking. The railings were built to today's code and finished off with Ipe top and bottom rail and painted square mahogany spindles.


The Summer St. deck had mahogany deck boards and pine posts.

This deck, posts and railings were not maintained properly resulting in rot and decay. We replaced the deck boards with Ipe hardwood and oiled with Penofin. The posts were wrapped with PVC, making this deck virtually maintenance free. See the pictures below for before and after.



The Arlington Deck…

boards were rotting, cracked and in disrepair. We removed the deck boards and replaced with Meranti boards.